Engagement Tools and Programs

  • Engagement is a direct result of awareness to get people involved. To support our collective efforts, we have developed some new engagement tools and programs to support the use of flyers and videos to foster increased awareness about The Benefits App™ - all designed to get members on board and to download the App.

    To assure increased use and maximize utilization of the App, we can provide direct email and text messaging to the members of your groups. Once the App is downloaded, we then provide push notifications to support usage and engagement of the services contained within each group’s App.

    This is a great opportunity to communicate to and with the end users / members of your groups and set the table for ongoing use by everyone throughout the year.

    Let’s get started – it’s easy and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. Just fill out and submit the form below and we’ll take it from there:

  1. We authorize Benezon to support the delivery, promotion and access to the services provided to our clients and will support email campaigns and text messaging via its Engagement Tools and Programs in accordance with the Terms of Use located on Benezon’s website, Partner Resources page and/or member App accounts.
  2. Client further acknowledges and agrees that Benezon, at its discretion, will make use of emails and mobile phone numbers provided by Client for purpose of notification of access to and engagement with The Benefits App. Individuals will retain the ability to opt out of text and email notification services at any time.
  3. Benezon further agrees not sell, transfer, or make known any of the Member List(s) or related data to any third Parties, except as needed to carry out the above services or as agreed in our service agreement.
  4. Benezon will not market or advertise, directly or via a third party or its affiliates or partners, any products or services to members without prior written authorization by Client.