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Software Engineer (C#/.Net)

Jun 2021

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will help deliver our vision by implementing feature functionality in our cloud based platform. You’ll drive development best practices in our .Net 5 code bases and mentor other team members along the way. Your passion for loosely coupled, event-driven microservices will translate into simple, elegant code that is well covered by unit tests.

The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of the C# language paired with .Net 5. You recognize the power of containerization and using Kubernetes to orchestrate those containers. Delivering cloud infrastructure-as-code is a task you do in your sleep, or maybe while you wait for your coffee to brew. You will also be familiar with the core concepts of health care systems, such as eligibility management and claims adjudication, and how HIPAA regulations can affect system design.

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