Benezon and AIMM’s New Partnership Drives Smart Decisions with Better Engagement

Benezon Healthcare Advocacy and Ault International Medical Management (AIMM) formally announced the nationwide release of their collaborative solutions. The new strategic partnership took form in late 2017 and kicked off this year to focus on making healthcare access easier and simplify the process for members of their self-funded clients. As part of the two companies’ union, they will lead a collaborative and educational webinar on June 12, 2018, at 2:00 PM ET.

Customers using both Benezon and AIMM are now able to connect plan members directly to AIMM via live concierge advocates or through a highly configurable benefits app with a direct link from the app dashboard. The proven, user-friendly app is both convenient for individual plan members and also a selling feature for partner agencies and clients.

“This joint effort continues our focus to help companies by simplifying the number of services and access points they need to manage,” said Bart Sheeler, CEO and Co-Founder of Benezon. “Both companies share similar visions to help agencies and self-funded clients with engagement tools and services to reduce health care costs. Now we have a chance to share these benefits in-depth with members and non-members.”

The brief, 30-minute webinar is the first unified educational effort by both companies. It is tailored to both members and non-members and will showcase the power of a high-tech, high-touch approach to concierge advocacy and medical management. Bart Sheeler and Julian Lago of Benezon will join AIMM’s president, Deborah Ault, to discuss how attendees can bridge the gap between employee empowerment and the identification of factors that impact the health spend; such as high-risk claims and price gouging.

“We anticipate the partnership and webinar will be well received because it brings an effective medical management program that is Patient-Centric,” added, Deborah Ault, President at AIMM. “Our programs focus on identification of patients who benefit from the individualized attention and assistance of a professional Nurse in controlling their health condition(s).”

The webinar is complimentary, but space is limited. Attendees can contact Benezon to a spot at:

About Benezon
Benezon provides a 24/7 personalized service to help plan members understand, access and utilize today’s confusing healthcare system. Our programs leverage multiple tools and year-round communication strategies to enhance program engagement, drive telemedicine utilization, and minimize overall healthcare claims.

Our dedicated Subject Matter Experts provide personalized, professional support to plan members that create awareness, utilize effective engagement strategies, and support improvement with demonstrated, measurable results for both individuals and lower plan costs.

The Benezon Back Office™ solution features “white labeled” Healthcare Advocacy, platforms and service delivery. We free up your team while supporting “your agency brand,” giving you more time to focus on client relationships and landing more sales.

About AIMM
We build medical management programs to the unique specifications of each individual group. By understanding the client’s culture, population, goals, objectives, and budget we formulate a medical management strategy that is the best possible fit for them, and will generate the results they need to achieve. We provide our expertise, information, suggestions, and consultation, but ultimately it is the client who decides the format of their program, how much of an investment they are able/willing to make. All AIMM services are centered on the concepts of being patient-centric, comprehensive, holistic, and fully integrated.

Once identified as a potential candidate the patient receives outreach from the professional Nurse who works to determine how AIMM services can improve the quality of health care the patient is receiving and/or decrease the cost of the health care the patient is receiving without compromising the quality of health care being provided.